¥ Do NOT lie and do not create unnecessary drama,

¥ People with commitment issues should not be in a committed relationship!,

¥ DonÕt get married then cheat,

¥ There are two toilet seats - put BOTH down and STOP fighting about something so stupid!


¥ DonÕt run red lights and use a blinker so you won't cause accidents on purpose,

¥ Put the cover on the toothpaste so it doesn't dry up,

¥ Dirty dishes have to be put in water so they don't get crusty,


¥ DonÕt protect people who do bad things,

¥ DonÕt beat people up emotionally or physically,

¥ Say what I mean and mean what I say,

¥ Don't talk bad about people, it's not nice,

¥ Don't follow others in doing wrong.


1) Take things positively and or think positively,


2) Avoid drama and cause others to feel positive emotions by your words or your behavior,


3) Always tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, being devoted, faithful and good to others (this includes your mate, others, service people, strangers, authority figures, children, animals, and everyone else in the world!),


4) Find the humor in others comments and in your own mistakes, laugh as much as possible, enjoy your mateÕs company, enjoy life from a positive perspective,


5) Feel some instinctual need to speak only positives about people behind their back or to their face, even for no reason. Expressing positive is always the better choice,


6) Honor others relationships,


7) Respect your relationship and honor your partner in all your actions, the way you look at others, in your communications with others, especially in public, around friends or family or strangers,


8) ÒDon't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuffÓ, snap into a good mood for stupid reasons instead,


9) Encourage intimacy and closeness with others, building bridges with others, creating lasting friendships, even with exes because the world needs more positive interactions, positive energy, and positive connections. You share A LOT with people you date and to shut that friendship off when you break up is very unhealthy for humanity. It undermines connectiveness, which we all need to be building in our society,


10) Change your myspace page and your little black cell phone book to "in a relationship" to BUILD TRUST within your relationship,


11) Intentionally do something good. When you make an agreement or compromise, follow through with the actions that you discussed with your partner and/or friends, especially when that person explains a need, want or desire they have that you can fulfill, Òjust do it!Ó Push people's GOOD buttons on purpose!),


12) Follow everyday common courtesies with others and your mate.


This is a code of conduct for everyone. These are societally accepted common courtesies that build positive dynamics and build respect.




These are things that others have said about me often. Sometimes these are good things and sometimes they are perceived as bad qualities. But this is my nature and it all rolls into one, so you have to accept that the things you most respect about a person are also the things that may annoy you most! LOL


1) I never lie.


To me, lying is the worst thing a person can do because it undermines the victimÕs ability to trust his or her own instincts. Build, don't break trust.


2) I care about people genuinely and deeply. People say this about me all the time. I am sincere, more than most people don't even think to be. People in my life have told me this.


I want my happy future with the plans that I pray for and those who know me know my goals and what I want more than anything.


3) When I say something, I say it EXACTLY and as CLEARLY as I can possibly think to say it. I do not beat around the bush or put hidden guru prophet coded information into what I say. I say it like it is. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am extremely direct. This is one of my best and worst qualities and again, people have often commented to me that this is how I am.


I am sorry that misunderstandings ever happen, but this is my personal guarantee that I am a bridge builder with the best of intentions, even when I make mistakes.


4) In a relationship, the two people are a UNIFIED TEAM, always making efforts to enhance each otherÕs lives through constructive uses of time.


5) I am 100% faithful and devoted to the one I am with. I have complete respect and consideration for my partner and show others that I am committed to him, no matter what the circumstances, because as long as we are together, he is ALL I need and desire, as it should be perceived by all others, to build up my partner's self-esteem and to create only positive experiences between us.


6) I compliment and complement others with my words, expressions and actions.


7) I read lots of books, including the bible, and listen to, watch and attend workshops and educational seminars on personal improvement to create healthier relationships with everyone I know and to build a healthier personal life.


8) I work very, very hard and I work much more than I play. I play after the work is done. When I do play, I have a lot of fun, but I am still respected because I behave properly and in a manner I am proud of all the time.


9) I am very flexible and I try to accommodate others more than myself, except in areas that are more important to me than to the other person. For example, I enjoy all different types of music and most other people really prefer their favorite, so I allow others to choose the radio station in the car. This frees up a mulligan for me to be able to get my way on some other area that is more important to me than it is to that other person.


10) I laugh when I am happy. I cry when I am sad. I give when others need me and not just when it is convenient for them. I do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I follow up my words with actions. Our words and actions are all we have to establish our character and I value the opinion of my character greatly. I try to pay my bills. I do my best with the life that I am living. I love deeply and I give more than I expect in return.


11) I accept others as they are. I try to inflate others rather than deflating them, through my words, expressions and actions. It is my objective in friendships and relationships to enhance each other's lives. If I meet someone who does not live by the same code of conduct I choose to live by, then I choose NOT to hang around with that person so that I will not get hurt by their behaviors, rather than trying to change the other person to conform to my way of thinking. I learned the hard way that no matter who is right, there is no positive gained by waiting for the other person to catch up! Trying to convince another person to treat you how you feel you deserve to be treated only creates negative dynamics and drama. If someone does not treat me well, I learned that I have to just leave.


12) I have a long list of skills I bring to the table. I like and respect myself, and the people I choose to have in my life. I have very high moral standards that I follow for myself personally. I live and behave as I want to be treated by others.


This is the rulebook I created for myself from my experiences, classes and workshops that I have participated in, and things I taught myself from reading, watching TV, movies, and talking to and watching other people, and from my own life experiences. I choose not to just be a human being, but a higher being!