Qualities Of A Good Man Worthy To Be Around


  1. I can relax around him
  2. He makes me feel safe, emotionally secure, confident and overall he just makes me feel good about myself by his behaviors and the ways he interacts with me
  3. He focuses his attention on me, NOT  on any other girls. He does NOT flirt with the waitress or anyone else or talk with other girls in anywhere near inappropriate ways and I NEVER see him or hear of him being disrespectful of me in ANY ways, but especially not that way!
  4. He does nice things for me to make me happy and to enhance my life by making himself important in my life. He shows his value as an added benefit to my life, not as just another thing I have to worry about.
  5. In any crisis or negative situation, he shows his loyalty and devotion to me and to my well-being and he proves himself to be my protector, in my corner, on my team, taking care of me as a priority showing that I am important to him today AND tomorrow, not just right now and who cares!
  6. He is romantic and shows me through gestures of flowers, sweet nothings, affectionate touching (non-sexual), and other sweet gifts. He calls me, tells me verbally and texts me in various communicative ways that he cares about me, and that he thinks positively about me in sweet ways when IÕm not around him. This also shows me that he isnÕt courting other girls, so it makes me feel safer and more secure, NOT worried about what heÕs doing when we arenÕt together.
  7. He invites me to hang out with him AND his friends and whenever we do his #1 priority is ASSISTING me to FIT IN and ALLOWING everyone to feel good, relax and have fun TOGETHER. (Most men have issues with this one because they want to compartmentalize their life and leave their girlfriend out of their social calendar. That is a very, very untrustworthy characteristic in a boyfriend!)
  8. He surprises me to make me feel special and to show me that he spends time thinking about me even when we arenÕt together. He shows me in many random and creative ways that he cares about me as a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL. He sees me as unique and separate from all other girls and he appreciates those special qualities that make me different. Romance is how a man shows a woman that she can look forward to having him around, not just for the now. He makes breakfast in bed, he picks me up at my doorstep for dates with flowers, he hears me talking about something and surprises me by taking care of it for me. He THINKS and he ACTS like a man who WANTS to make me happy!
  9. He does things for me, like cooks me dinner, takes out the trash, gives me massages and actually gets the knots out of my neck and back! He does things to make my life easier. He is HELPFUL and action-oriented in making my every day life better with him in it. We snuggle when we sleep together (not sexual). We eat meals together. We do stuff together.
  10. He is chivalrous. He pays, opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, stands when I get up and when I arrive. He treats me like a lady. These gestures show that he respects me and that he puts me on a pedestal as someone he desires and cares for. What OTHER people think is NOT as important to him as what I think of him. He VALUES me. He treats me well. He shows me through his actions. He makes me feel good and well taken care of, well provided for, safe and emotionally secure, respected by everyone, above all others.
  11. He makes me laugh. We can be together and just relax and have fun together with no stressors, no worries, no problems or issues spoiling our time together. It feels great just to be around him because he is fun!
  12. He makes me feel desired and sexy, but he does so in a flirtatious way, not in a sexual way. He doesnÕt push sex on my or make me feel uncomfortable.
  13. He talks about future plans with me so we have stuff to get excited about and look forward to. Life is really lame when you donÕt have anything to look forward to. Relationships and even friendships evolve by the plans you make together. It breaks up the monotony and it gives you stuff to daydream about.
  14. He REALLY listens to me. He actually cares about what I have ot say and he not only listens, but he HEARS what I say and applies my words to have MEANING in my life, which has meaning in HIS life because I am important to him. He looks at me when I talk. He actually listens to what I say. He is a great communicator and a great listener. He is also action-oriented to apply words with ACTIONS. He does follow through with what he talks about. His words precede his actions, so I know I can count on what he says in real life.
  15. He spends TIME with me, with no agenda, just relaxing and having fun playing together. We go places and do fun things together. Sometimes we just hang out at home together. He ENHANCES my life with companionship. We are a couple, so when there are events one of us gets invited to, we are invited and/or we go as a couple, and we are WELCOMED as a couple. He is as excited to have me with him as his companion as he is to go. We are a team. When a wedding invitation or an event invitation comes in the mail, it says both our names on it because he is that SECURE in US as a couple!!!
  16. He WANTS the life I want. He desires to make me happy and to get married and have a family of our own, to raise a couple great kids, and to BUILD a life-long happy, fun, fulfilling life together.
  17. He initiates praying together before meals and at other random times during the day and night. He is an awesome Christian man I can look up to and trust has a solid connection with God.
  18. He genuinely cares about me as a WHOLE person, not just pieces of my looks or personality or my body, but me as a WHOLE PERSON, my good, bad and ugly qualities.
  19. I LIKE him as a person.
  20. I look up to him and respect him.
  21. I enjoy looking at and watching him.
  22. I enjoy hanging out with him.
  23. I talk about him as a positive in my life.
  24. My friends like him.
  25. He can get along with my family, with absolutely no drama or added stress!
  26. I look forward to talking to him and seeing him with excitement, not dread or fear.
  27. We have common interests and shared goals in life. We can NATURALLY be a good team.
  28. His good qualities and our good experiences together far outweigh the negatives.
  29. He is interested in and actively participates in self-improvement and relationship improving workshops, reading, CDs, DVDs, and educational skills building.
  30. He LIKES me as a person and he acts like it!