What is your goal? Write down one very short, extremely concise, clearly defined objective. For example: “I am quitting smoking today.” Now, do it!

1st Step – Right View
         Your thinking needs to change because belief causes behavior.

You need to surround yourself with educational materials that change your thinking and the messages you hear in your head that create original thoughts, beliefs, philosophies, etc. Listen to CDs, watch DVDs, watch TV programs, talk to people, watch people, listen to, hear, think about, read, expose yourself completely saturated in that which is in alignment with your goal.

Saturate your senses with that which assists you in achieving your goal.

SIGHT - See your goal accomplished. See you accomplishing your goal. See others who are in alignment with your goal. If you goal is to quit drinking alcohol, you need to NOT be around people who drink alcohol because seeing others drinking alcohol will nOT support your accomplishing your goal! Saturate your sight sense with only stuff that will assist you to get to the goal. Put up photos of you and others in alignment with your goal. Ignore visual stimulations that are opposite of your goal in favor of those things you see in your moment-by-moment life that ARE in alignment with your goal.

HEARING - Hear your goal accomplished. Hear yourself accomplishing your goal. Hear others who are in alignment with your goal. Hear praise from others for trying, for actually doing something constructive. Listen to audio messages that help you accomplish your goal. Saturate your hearing sense with only stuff that will assist you to get to the goal. If you want to be more Christlike, listen to the bible on audio, watch and listen to sermons all the time, read the bible as often as possible, completely immerse yourself in being that way during every moment of your day. Treat others as if you already are that which you strive to become.

SMELL - Saturate your sense of smell with only stuff that will assist you to get to your goal. This is aromatherapy!

TASTE - Saturate your sesnes of taste with only stuff that will assist you to get to your goal. Personally, I don't feel that nicotine patches or sometimes smoking is a good behavior modification device beause it is simply putting something else you need to quit in place of actually changing your bad habit! If you are trying to quit smoking, you do not need a crutch. You simply need to quit smoking. If you have an oral fixation because you have been smoking so long that you are nervous without something to do, or something in your mouth, then chew gum or suck on a hard candy so you don't get fat and then just have to worry about that too!!!! But chewing on a pencil is NOT a constructive choice because for one thing it doesnt even taste good and also it is a visual reminder of a cigarette. Be careful not to use one sense to stimulate a negative appeasement of another sense! Taste something good that is in alignment with assisting getting you to accomplishing your goal. If you want to be faithful, taste something that reminds you of a positive abotu your wife. Maybe she makes great keylime pies. Light citris flavored candle and have some keylime flavored yogurt and order a lime in your beverage! Be creative and have fun with your behavior modification.

FEEL - Saturate your sesnes of touch with only stuff that will assist you to get to your goal. This is an interesting sense for me because to me this is two-sided. I want you to feel good emotionally and psycholically as well as physically feel the benefits of behavior modification. Surround yourself with the various positive ways you can feel yourself accomplishing your goal. Allow yourself to bask in the positives for extended moments. Take some quiet time to appreciate your efforts just as much as you physically touch things that help you get there too.

2nd Step – Right Intention
         This is your feelings associated with the things you think.

Adjust your intentions and your feelings to be in alignment with your goal. Live every moment with that right intention. If you have a moment of weakness in which your thinking gets skewed, simply stop and adjust it back to where you want your intention to be and it will be. These tools in all of these steps will help to assist you with your intentions ONLY being consistent with right actions, so use these tools especially in your moments of weakness!

3rd Step – Right Speech
         What you talk about, what you hear, what surrounds you verbally.

Surround yourself with all that supports your goal. What we say is a direct extension of what we hear and think in our heads, so you need to continuously keep your own expressions in alignment with your objective.

4th Step – Right Action
         This is your actual behavior, what you do, how you do it, how you actually express yourself, and all the aspects of how you apply action in your life.

Make sure everything you do in every second of your day is in alignment with your objective. If quitting smoking is your goal and you give yourself permission to smoke anyways, even just one this once, then you have failed yourself and you have made it impossible to get to your goal because you just destroyed the goal! Action is what defines us. Intention, wishing for something, thinking about something does not decide the actual action we take, but once we have verbed an action, it is too late to undo it! Do the right thing and the right thing will be what is done. Do your goal and your goal will be what is done.

5th Step – Right Work
         This is not just work as in what you get paid for as a job. This is also what you work on in your life. If you sit on the sofa watching tv, you are still working on something, albeit it may be a beer belly and a mush brain, you are still creating results from that which you are working on at every moment.

It is hard work to be fully present in every single moment because we are by nature weak and prone to do that which we do not want to do in the fiber of our mindset. You have to work at it every moment, especially when it is hard in order to stay on your narrow path to accomplish your goal. Otherwise, it would not be a goal. It would just be your regular nature that you are trying to rid yourself of. Accomplishing anything worthwhile requires actual work. Being faithful is a choice a faithful person makes to work at their faithfulness because they desire to be faithful. Being honest is a choice an honest person makes to work at their honesty because they desire to be honest. It is the same with every other trait imaginable. In order to be that, you have to actually BE it.

6th Step – Right Effort
         The use of physical or mental energy to do something with an earnest attempt accomplishes an achievement.

Again, this is the actual effort required to actually accomplish the “I am” verb. I am a non-smoker. I am faithful. I am honest. In every moment, keep your goal in mind and apply the appropriate efforts you need to bring you over the bridge to accomplishing your goal.

7th Step – Right Mindfulness
         The right mindset is in your attitude. What is your attitude, state of mindset, feeling, your disposition at each moment?

8th Step – Right Concentration
         This is your focus, uninhibited and unobstructed. Direct your focus on the single objective and you WILL accomplish the goal.