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From an early age, even as an elementary school student, Krista was already educated and confident enough in Psychology that she was asked to teach a class at her junior high school. Krista created a curriculum including a mini-psychological profile for each student and then discussed them, in private, individually with each student in the class. She was already a Writer, Teacher and Life Coachat 14 years old, before Life Coaches even existed. But that is no surprise because, as she describes it, this is her calling, her life’s mission, and she knew as a child that she would drastically change people’s thinking in society someday.

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Teen Years

With a family history of mental illness, physical and sexual abuse, Krista was on her own at 16, homeless, and desperately trying to escape anything and everything.

By the age of 19, she was on an urgent mission to find peace in the chaos of her own divorce from an abusive controlling man, fulfilling the age-old profile that we marry our parents. Her pursuit for peace in a harsh world led her to some extraordinary revelations and a completely different lifestyle and personality than she would otherwise have been destined for. At first, she didn’t find all the answers, but learned a lot more questions through this quest for help in a self-absorbed world.



Distanced from her family, she buried herself in learning on a journey that has taken a lifetime. She describes her life as being one of mostly studying every topic that interests her, for most of her life. While others were dating, getting married, having kids, living their lives, being social, etc, Krista was studying human behavior and processing everything into workshops. Imagine how much you can learn in 198,000 hours of intense studying!




For her, the education available in the realm of self-help, psychology, etc, didn’t make the connection between pointing out problems and actually creating real-life solutions that last long-term, so she began writing what she was learning herself to put that education into helpful effect for others too. It was originally just going to be a self-help textbook, then that spread into developing many workshops, documenting her out-of-the-box philosophies that seem so incredibly logical that you can't believe you have any problems in that area of your life when you listen to her take on the subject!

As a Writer, Krista has 6 published articles in national magazines and many hundreds online. Some of her articles have been requested for larger audiences with high praises from those who have read her work. To her, they were just passionate expressions of the things she believes in, such as charity help for children, FDA lobbying, multi-faceted long-term assistance programs working together to end the mental illness crisis in America, emotional and physical abuse education, and improving modern society, particularly in regards to dating and interpersonal relationships. She has had many successes in all three of her careers, writing, marketing, and art.


Krista's Educational Stats:

• 2006 Certificates in Usui Reiki Natural Hands-On Healing (Reiki Master, Level 2)

• 2007 D.D. Doctorate degree, Specializing in Personal Improvement

• 2007 Credentials of Ministry at Monastery

• 2007 Certificate in Spiritual Counseling at Monastery

• 2008 Physiology, Biology, and Statistics classes

• 2017 Attaining another Doctorate of Philosophy, Ph.D., Specializing in Holistic Life Coaching

Since the mid nineties, she has also taken hundreds of classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops, in Arizona, Connecticut, and online, in various aspects of Life Coaching, Religious Studies, Healing, and Teaching, including:

• Workshops and home studies on Christian teaching modalities

• Classes in Psychology, particularly focused on Behavior Modification.

• Training and workshops in metaphysical/alternative topics, astrology, psychology, behavior modification, healing, and world religions.

In the research phase of developing these workshops, Krista supervised small groups (the meeting style was modeled around Alcohol Anonymous, book clubs , with the ISO 9001 model), and she has been working this program as it is presented since 2000, doing workshops, seminars, and one-on-one sessions over the years. This has resulted in thousands of changed lives. Krista feels proud that her life experiences and efforts really work to help others.

With how many clients, followers, and interested students there are nowadays, she does most of this work online now, with videos, web cam, email, and instant messaging, but Krista is a joyful talker, so here are some memories of extraordinary students, in her own words:

• "A recent ASU graduate was interviewing for jobs. He explained that a C-minus engineer is not someone people want working for their company and he was disappointed in himself while trying to create a better future with a good job that would be well-suited for him. I worked with him on building his self-esteem and improving his interviewing skills that I customized for him for the jobs he was seeking. We were both very pleased when he was offered the next job he interviewed for and at one and a half times the offer he was expecting! He found me when I joined Facebook in 2008 and he gave me $375 and a glowing letter of recommendation! I'm so proud of him, I feel like a tree with many sprouting leaves and deep roots whenever I think of how successful Pedro is now."

• "There was a girl in her early twenties working as a secretary, Jen, dating a guy who had pushed her to get an abortion. She was a really smart girl, but she was in a disconnected party phase with no direction when we met. We talked and worked together in the small group and individually. That girl decided to move back in with her parents in Montana and went to college to become a teacher. She came back to visit Arizona and looked for me, but I had moved too, so she left her number with a mutual friend to call her. When I called, the girl told me that she was doing great in college and she was really happy and excited, then she thanked me for all her help! I still think about her all the time and it's been over 15 years since that conversation."

• "When I met this other man, Brian, he was making $28,000 salary. He was frustrated with his job and particularly his boss. I asked him if I could help him get a better job and he agreed. We had meetings to discuss all the details necessary to customize the plan for him. They worked together practicing the plan and I made him a CD with his Cheat Sheet™ to memorize certain aspects that he would need to be able to say instinctively in his interviews. I also helped him design a compelling portfolio and even did a photo shoot to highlight his work better. He went on two interviews and got offered both jobs. Plus, he was also offered a raise at the job he was leaving. One of the jobs was a much better choice, so he focused on that one. I counseled him over the phone numerous times while he moved through negotiation stages of the job interviewing process and when he accepted the job, he was making $12,000 more than a month prior!"

• "I'd say the hardest part of being a Life Coach for me is the emotional pain that I feel while working with people struggling through overcoming addiciton, rape, death, children's discipline issues, suicide, and various kinds of abuse. The second hardest problems to overcome are relationship problems with disparity in sexuality. These are hard for me because I can FEEL their emotions, which can be extremely intense, and I have to keep myself grounded, separated in a clinical capacity, when I care so much on a human level. But the rewards of overcoming such tremendously overwhelming issues and having people come back years later to tell me how I saved their lives is... is just... indescribable... I'm so enormously proud of them!"

• "I also provide assistance teaching people regular life skills, and things like romance, traveling, business, marketing, management, communication, astrology, and any other topic that I am well-educated. For me, this is like taking a vacation compared to the other types of life coaching I do!"

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