14DEC 2016
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Dating Relationships - Are you dating a quality person?

Relationships do not magically happen. They are hard work. I teach workshops on the topic re-educating people about the terrible things our society teaches each other that destroy bonded connections with quality people in lasting relationships, with the Cinderella syndrome of, "I will know it when I see it." If a person does not rate with a minimal acceptable number on this test, then you should not be in a relationship with them or in any way sexual with or interested in this person... Read this article >>>




27DEC 2016
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FOOD, LABELING 12 comments

Fake Product Labeling - Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Diseases, Deaths, Strokes, Heart Attacks!!!! Doritos start on FIRE!!!!

Labeling is made up of a bunch of marketing lies. The FDA keeps products on the market if they "benefit" more people than they kill and injure. Products like ephedrine (KNOWN by the FDA to KILL people, cause strokes and heart attacks in HUNDREDS of people over many years) are in diet pills so they can get away with murder, paying off the families of the victims in order to continue hurting even more people, lining FDA, government, and scientist pockets with billions of dollars in blood money. Find out what POISONS you intake every day >>>



21DEC 2016
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LOVE, HOLIDAYS 27 comments

You Are Loved

Sending out love to all tonight. i've really been thinking about people struggling in emotional and physical pain the last few nights. it's particularly weighing heavily on my heart. there's nothing i can do about it other than pray, but i have been praying even more than usual. really wish this world was easier for people. sending love to everyone who wishes for it this holiday season especially. See this post >>>





26NOV 2016
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PEACE, PAIN 17 comments

How To BE Purest Peace 24/7/365

So much education in this! Everyone be patient w/how I tell stories to get to end that pulls it all together: Read this >>>







27NOV 2016
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PEACE, HAPPY 5 comments

Forgiveness For Problem Solving

There will NEVER be enough that could be done to make amends for ANY past from ANYONE's perspective. There is NEVER ANY JUSTICE IN THIS LIFETIME. That's just a fact. I have been RAPED myself personally and I dont have ANY hate or anger or bitterness or resentment toward the men who did that to me.
When the milk gets spilled, beating someone for it will never unspill the milk. You just have to pour another glass of milk and if that was the last of it, then you have to just move on and get more milk because you cannot unspill the milk no matter how much you rage about it. Read how >>>



5JAN 2017
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BODY, HEALTHY 1 comments

How To Start Eating and Being Healthy

This is a part of one of the workshops and this offers some excellent information on eating healthy. The workshop has a step-by-step plan that takes all of the guesswork out of eating healthy and taking vitamins. Read how >>>



16JAN 2017
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MIND, HEALING 3 comments

LIE: No One Can Make You Feel Anything

If you are happy as can be, in love, excited about your life, thanking God every day for your wonderful life and relationship, and then your boyfriend tells you he is cheating on you, or you catch your girlfriend with another man, they DID make you feel devastated, betrayed, broken hearted. That is a TRUE FACT. They DID cause that reaction in you. Read how >>>