Donations go toward these efforts:

  1. Reaching more people through marketing and time devoted to reaching out on blogs across the internet.

  2. Making videos and workshops with step-by-step kits for each student.

  3. To give scholarships and grants for workshops to needy would-be students who cannot afford to pay for a Life Coach to help them improve their life.

  4. Being involved in local and national United States' charities that are focused on improving our society, specifically abuse, homelessness, bullying, suicide prevention, and feeding hungry Americans. These causes are where a lot of people find that they NEED Life Coaching and we want to be where our help is needed and can help the most.

    We give donations of time and money these causes on a regular basis whether gets donations from others or not.

  5. Helping to make it possible to devote more time to finishing the books and creating more workshops.


On a personal note, donations are a very motivating and tender-hearted gesture for that gives the little emotional boost we all need sometimes to keep up the good fight for a great cause, even when sometimes it seems like the struggles are getting us down, when someone else steps in to say, "YES! Thank you for doing this!" by way of a donation, it is really inspirational, and it shows that others care too. It's not a lonely effort to devote an entire lifetime to helping other people. Giving is such a blessing. Thank you so much for appreciating the levity of this cause.

Please send donations online via Paypal utilizing the link below, or if you prefer another method of donating, you may use the contact link above to set up your preferred method.

Thank you very much for your support and for helping to improve society one person at a time. Life Skills Workshops
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