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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  


What can a Life Coach do for me?

The first to know is that what I can do for you depends entirely on what you can do yourself. My objectives for you are based on areas you and I discuss and my extensive knowledge and skills in walking you through steps to success, one step and a time. I invented and teach Personal Improvement Workshops on many different areas and our initial meeting will offer us an opportunity to customize an Action Plan that will offer you practical, easy-to-do, and quicker solutions to your own personal areas of discontent in your life as it is today so that your tomorrows will be filled with more contentment and the skills to use in every new situation you encounter to duplicate our successes for the rest of your life.

The second thing to understand is that we will work on many different areas that affect the one concern you may come to discuss. This is not a band-aid solution to an ongoing issue. This is a lasting, well-rounded game plan that has been developed to not put out fires, but keep any fires from starting in the first place so that you experience less stress and more joy in your life, consistently.


Is it counseling you are offering?

This is not perpetual like counseling in the manner that this is totally solution-focused. We will talk like friends, Client-Coach, in a counseling style, but this is not counseling. I give you the real-life solutions I have learned, collected, and perfected for myself and others so that you can apply these principles to your own life and ask questions as you put your life on the track you want it to be on, helping you see things differently by thinking outside the box and giving you the tools and resources to become your personal best and live your life happier, experiencing a strong sense of pride and self-appreciation. The program is entirely customized for you as an individual with specifically what you are going through as how your program unfolds.


What are your specialties?

I have been learning and teaching classes since I was in the 7th grade. While most people were playing with their friends, I have devoted most of my life to educational pursuits rather than much else, so it is difficult to say what my specialties are in terms of areas of a person's life, like relationships or career. I would best answer this question by stating that my specialties are teaching people to think differently about various areas of their life and teaching them how to implement behavior modification techniques with new skills that can be applied to all areas of their lives, then teaching how to maintain purest peace 24/7/365.

I do not have a specialization like just business or just relationships life coaching. Changing the way you think about things and how learning skills to do things more efficiently and effectively are universal life skills that can be applied to any aspect of your life to make drastic improvements very quickly, to your life overall, which is my specialty.


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What kind of a Life Coach are you?

Technically, the titles for what I am are:
Clairsentient Holistic Life Coach Healer. The career title I go by is just Life Coach because there is a massive amount of misunderstanding about the relationship between all of these things.
Clairsentient: feels other's emotions
Holistic: helps people overcome their issues by working on the whole person and all aspects of their life, not just one problem at a time
Life Coach: provides life skills and behavior modification techniques combined with motivation and action planning to improve one or more aspects of peoples' lives.
Healer: helps people overcome physical and emotional pain

What is your life coaching like?

The most common way that I do one-on-one sessions is via online instant messaging and I still kind of do a reading, but it's just done differently. If someone has a problem they need help with, I can coach them through their own emotions, thoughts, behaviors, as well as giving them insight into other people that I have never met or spoken with. It's more a feelings experience than a pictures experience in this case. It's like talking to your best friend with a very action-oriented approach to providing you with solutions that solve problems immediately and provide long-term life skills with new philosophies so that you don't have repeat issues in that area. It takes time to change behaviors, so it is usually quite a process to get people over the bridge with big life changes. Once they do get over to the other side of the bridge though, they are totally transformed and well-prepared so it's much easier next time they have to overcome a hardship.

For example, my Career Workshop is set up like this:

• Workshop education in seminar-style, usually done in a group environment,
• Private one-on-one session to discuss your questionaires answers, and during which I will ask you a lot of questions to get you talking about yourself, your current skills and weaknesses, and your career goals. From this meeting, I will be able to develop a customized kit for you that you can use for interviewing, salary negotiations, and even on dates! This can take as short or as long an amount of time as you choose,
• Books for you to read so that you understand the reasons why this format is so important and helpful,
• A custom recorded CD (in your own voice or mine) for you to listen to and memorize your keys,
• Printed customized documents that give you keys for your success.
From this point, you have the option develop an Action Plan we can work on together or go on your merry way with this one part of one area of your life spectacularly well-structured for success!

Coach Specific Training:

Coach Specific Training is training that is predominantly teaching skills where the major emphasis is on learning and applying new thought-provoking philosophies and behavior modification techniques that offer ACTION-oriented doing, focusing on positive steps to success in reaching your own personal improvement goals.

Client Coaching Hours:

For purposes of individual client coaching, an hour is 60 minutes coaching time with my Client. My calendar is scheduled in 2 hour blocks so that I have half and hour before and half an hour after our appointment to accomplish our mutual objectives. My Clients get one solid 1-hour block of my undivided attention to work on areas that are being addressed and to go through workshops, action plans, and accomplish goals as a team during that timeframe.

There are also mini sessions for accountability and pep talks that are scheduled between full sessions to provide us an opportunity to ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS throughout this program. Balls do not get dropped. Actions plans DO get done. Goals DO get accomplished. Lives DO change after this program.

Client Homework:

Every time we meet, I will give you homework that includes important steps you will need to do in order to meet your personal improvement goals and your Vision Plan™. They are not difficult, but they are crucially important to my being able to help you, so homework is taken very seriously. Put the dog outside with food to eat instead of your homework!

How much is this gonna cost me?

You can spend as little as you want for Life Coaching sessions to stay within your budget. Everyone is concerned with the bottom line of money, now more than ever. To ease your mind, this is my life's work, not a way for me to get rich. That being said, I charge $1 per minute, which actually takes up twice as much of my time than yours because of all that I do that is customized for you). Within the first hour of us working together, you will have skills that you can utilize to drastically improve your life, in many different ways. Included in the time we spend working together is the formulation of collaborative tools that you will begin using in your professional and personal life. Mini 15-minute sessions can include help, advice, healing, a check-up for accountability, and/or a pep talk! You can order (1) 15-minute consultation session if you aren't sure about making a commitment.

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