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Self Help Life Coach helping people leverage action to achieve goals!

How Committed Are You To Changing Your Life? You decide what your level of commitment is by choosing your membership plan below.

You have 2 directions you can go, hire a Life Coach to work with you one-on-one, or do everything yourself with the self help personal improvement available on this website and in the book series of workshops.*

However, keep in mind that Kristen only takes on working with 1 new client max per month, because this is an immersive program and success is the ONLY option. Only sign up if you are committed to improving your life.

This is a mutual investment into your future that provides a variety of universal skills to help you forever. If you want to get on the short list of those who attribute their life's successes to this program, then be ready! First thing after signing up, you will have a consultation to get the ball rolling. Choose your commitment level below...

Accept the Action Plan Challenge!

Life Coach
Customized Membership


What is included in hiring a Life Coach by membership?

Building your best life is the goal of this step-by-step program. You get to learn personalized behavior modification techniques one-on-one. There is a minimum 1 month commitment to working with a Life Coach because it takes 28 days to make a habit. Changing a whole life takes time, so you will benefit more from 3-12 months of continual effort.

This program has you and your Life Coach working as a team to change how you think, how you process experiences in your life, how you interact with others, goes through past events and new events to help you forgive and accept things growing passed issues, building up your life skills, positive personality traits, shows you how to change yourself and situations in your life, then the program's techniques will help you overcome any obstacles you encounter - forever - so that you live a better future.


• Up to 380 minutes per month of personalized mentorship and life coaching
including our questionnaire consultations, discussions, and check-ins,
accountability mentorship, advice, tips and tricks,

• Up to 320 minutes per month of research, preparations, and implementations,
including office paperwork, mentoring and life coaching advice research,
personalization, and preparations, including the development of the custom
videos, and other teaching tools,

• Includes prayer, distance reiki healing, and intuitive spiritual
meditation and counseling, as needed,

• Monthly Premium Membership package,

• Your Life Coach's customized Action Plans that lay out all of the
plans for helping you for this entire membership term, detailed by month,

• Above this, you will also have options to add-on more time for your
special areas of interest and when you need more guidance, if you so desire.

So, to explain how this works and what you get, in a description that is more specific than this list above...

First, we will have an in depth conversation about you and what you would like to work on. Then, we will develop a customized action plan detailing the steps needed to accomplish the goal, which includes accountability worksheets during check-ins (usually mentoring phone calls). You will have premium access to most of the learning workshops, videos, articles, etc that are available on this website. Depending on your specific needs, there are many types of assistance and research that will be provided for you throughout your membership. You will likely get made-for-you audio recordings, visuals, meditations, healing practices, healing and preventative recipes or mailed pre-made for you, custom care packages, tons of advice, tips, life hacks, and life skills that will drastically help improve your life forever. This program has proven highly successful for people who have gone through it because it works. Plus, it is EASY!

How Do I Hire A Life Coach?

Extra time, products, services, and tools can be added on during your program, to suit your additional needs. Otherwise, this is an all-inclusive plan.
On-Call Life Coach Membership


DIY Self Help Personal Improvement Membership Packages

You can pay as you go or go all in to get to the life you dream of quicker. Simply choose your commitment level below:

You may order whichever of the workshops and books too, individually.


Monthly Maximum Membership

  • Unlimited reading past and free content
  • All (-/=)$1.00 downloads free
  • Access to live video chats and open workshops
  • Pay as you go downloads



Monthly Medium Membership

  • Unlimited reading past and free content
  • All (-/=)50¢ downloads free
  • Some access to live video chats and open workshops
  • Pay as you go downloads



Monthly Minimum Membership

  • Unlimited reading past and free content
  • All (-/=)25¢ downloads free
  • Pay as you go downloads


*The book series is part of this program, but it has been an in person workshop program for 20 years, and the books are going through the publishing processes now, so you may receive packets via email or snail mail that may include soft cover books and printed/printable pages until the entire series is available for the public to buy. Yes, you are getting the advance versions of the book series!