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VIDEO MINI-WORKSHOPS - Enroll in a workshop now!

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Include lectures, videos, CD(s), practical applications, printed materials, worksheets, and use of books and reference materials while in session. The way the workshops are set up to be very easy to put into effect in your life step-by-step.
1) The lectures are offered to help you absorb the new philosophies and do the exercises in session so that your mind is transformed, which prompts your actions to want to change too.
2) You will want to take time to fill out your worksheets because they are your biggest tools.
3) When you are ready, the private sessions will help you develop your custom Dossier and practice.
4) Additionally, you can keep doing the exercises to really make positive changes in your life, in your own free time, so that the workshops can go as fast or as slow as you want.
5) There is always one-on-one time available with your Life Coach to work on any areas that you feel you need help with and/or any areas that surface for you as you are going through the workshop(s).

You can do any of these programs at your convenience, at home, online, in person, via email, skype, facetime, facebook, or however it is most convenient for you.

Immerse yourself in behavior modification to learn how to change your life with practical applications and real life help to overcome any obstacle.

Create the life you want to live and live it free from pain, free from struggles, free from bad habits, free from drama - learn to love yourself and others and live in total peace 24/7/365!




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How To Love Yourself - The Foundation Workshop
You have to love yourself before anyone else can... Everyone hears cliches all the time, but this one is really actually quite true. Not loving yourself, liking yourself, and respecting yourself, creates negative dynamics with other people and makes having relationships with others more difficult than it has to be. This workshop is the MOST important workshop AspirationsWS.com offers! All the other workshops and any potential contentment in your life stem from you being your personal best and loving yourself for that fact. Create self-esteem and confidence in who you are and what makes you uniquely special. Come to this workshop. Go through the step-by-step instructions to grow your personal fulfillment. This workshop has A LOT of exercises and fun stuff that will expand your horizons to help you gain a real joy for your life.

This revolutionary workshop combines modern day philosophy with behavior modification to guide you through massive positive changes in any aspect of your life which will aid you throughout your lifetime.

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How To Heal From Emotional Trauma
This healing workshop can focus on any area that you have suffered emotional trauma, such as physical, verbal and/or mental abuse, betrayal, being cheating on, being lying to, etc. It is created to help you heal from the inside out and recreate your personal self-image stronger and better than ever, to create permanent healing. This workshop will also change your way of thinking about trauma, so that you will never go through anything that you can't get beyond because you will have skills to survive and create happiness in its place.
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How To Communicate Contructively In Any Situation
Learn how to respond to other people in constructive ways instead of reacting to situations that occur. Learn how to have positive interactions in negative situations. Learn how to deal with diffiult people. Learn how to accomplish what you need out of your interactions with others. Learn how to communicate constructively in any situation! You will get worksheets that you can use in any situation to walk you through how to get what you want and what you need, no matter what the circumstances are, and you can use this worksheets for the rest of your life.

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How To Get The Job You Want At The Salary You Deserve
This is an extensive fully customized workshop that you will give you the knowledge and confidence on what to say and how to say it to get the job you want at the salary you deserve.

Career and Life Interviews (every conversation you ever have is an interview and you can use this information forever!)

Read the testimonials to find out what other clients have had to say about this workshop.

This workshop includes:
* Skills questionaire
* Career questions
* Exploratory (worksheet)
* Your skills cliff's notes
* Interview highlights
* Interviewing

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How To Get The Hottie You Want
This workshop will teach anyone how to get the person he or she wants and how to keep that person. You will learn about body language, flirting, creating introduction opportunities (the common technique is pick up lines), dating pitfalls, how to put forth your best, what to look for and what to watch out for, and much much more. The workshop may include a multi-level makeover as well. It will teach you about creating dating profiles, how to do things that you need or want to learn to make the most of your dating life, where to go, and what to do step-by-step to accomplish your dating goals.
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How To Be Incredibly Romantic
Do you want to live a romantic life, create romantic dates, propose in a unique way, and be a more romantic person? Learn how to be incredibly romantic in this romance saturated workshop that teaches you customizable romance options.

You can use this workshop for dates, marriage proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any special occasion for which you want to make it extra special for your loved ones.

This workshop includes custom-themed event planning services. You can see examples of our Custom Romance by clicking here >>>

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How To Select Your Ideal Mate
This workshop walks you through steps of getting to know yourself and what you need and want to enhance your life, so that you will be able to date well instead of just dating. Relationships are based on certain elements being present that creates a balance between complementive qualities and similarities. You will know exactly what you want, so you can create the relationship you deserve, rather than falling into the traps of settling with someone you don't even like! It also includes an easy to use custom spreadsheet that will help you forever.

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How To Have Phenomenal Sex Every Time
It is amazing that so many people do "it" and so few actually really know how to have great sex! This workshop offers you the knowledge filled opportunity to find fulfillment in sex rather than just doing it! You will learn how to please your partner, how to get your partner to please you, how to have orgasms, and what to do every step of the way so you can have phenomenal sex every time!


One-On-One Sessions are also available for $50/hour. Group discounts of two or more people are offered at a discounted rate depending on how many people attend.

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Some of these are pieces of the whole workshops above. This section of our store is not available yet. Please visit soon for updates.

How To Love Yourself $20.00

How To Be Your Personal Best $20.00  
How To Be A Good Christian $20.00  
How To Be A Great Man $20.00  
How To Be Respected $20.00  
How To Build Confidence $20.00  
How To Heal From Emotional Trauma $20.00  
How To Communicate Constructively $20.00  
How To Get The Job & Salary You Want $20.00  
How To Be Incredibly Romantic $20.00  

How To Get The Girl $20.00

How To Keep A Man $20.00  
How To Find Your Ideal Mate $20.00  
How To Have Phenomenal Sex $20.00  



Glossary of Modern Relationships
Values & Morals In Modern Society
The Qualities Everyone Should Have
Job Interviewing & Negotiations
Love As Needed Relationship Education




Want To Have A Great Relationship?
Acceptance Starts With You
Christian Living
The New Revelation
Christian Character Traits
Parenting and Discipline
Building Esteem
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You will be charged in advance for the hours you want to work with your Life Coach. You can also IM or talk on the phone for advice on an as needed basis, and this is a common thing for people in these programs. When your retainer is running low, you can simply add more funds to your account. You can pay by Paypal, credit card, debit card, Walmart Money Gram, Western Union, or mail a check or money order. Once the funds clear the bank, your time will be credited to your account.

By-the-hour Workshops Offered Now!
These workshops are available in many convenient ways:
* In person (Connecticut)
* Online via Skype (interactive)
* On YouTube (lecture style)
* You also have the option of scheduling a workshop anywhere within the United States (travel and hotel fees will be included into a custom quote.)

When you enroll, you will select the method(s) you wish to interact with your Life Coach in the workshop. All instructions will be e-mailed to you with links so that it is very easy for you to accomplish all of your goals. You will also be given the resources for your private session(s) in that same e-mail.

View details about how the payments work at the bottom of this page.




Prices are not negotiable. Services are rendered after payments process into cash. All meetings are either done online or in public places with privacy, but with safety as paramount. AspirationsWS.com and Life Coaches are not liable for your life choices or what you do. Our hope is that you will live your personal best life.