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"The most important thing to get out of this website is the New Revelation that is the overall concept of everything I teach. This is my life's mission, to help people improve society by changing the way people think, to turn struggles and weaknesses into triumphs and strengths, and to offer everyone the key to living in Purest Peace 24/7/365." ~ Krista


This is the message:

We all have to come to terms with everything exactly AS IS and accept life and people and every experience as it is with purest peace inside our hearts that flow easily from our inside out into the world, or else we lose our own present and future happiness by being preoccupied with our pain, heartbreak, disappointment, disillusionment, trying to push the world to be all that it is not when that will never happen anyway. That is what "Purest Peace in EVERY moment 24/7/365" means. It is what "Hugs From Heaven" is all about. It is the greatest revelation of my life coming to the understanding, that no matter what, my mission and everyone else's is ONLY to be living heaven on earth starting NOW, not in some elusive search trying finding the end of the rainbow future, but now and in every moment, no matter what is happening to or around us, to just BE Purest Peace, from within. It is a simple change everyone can make to live their happiest life.


Aspirations Workshops are a thorough discovery process to CHOOSE who you are, how you act, to CHOOSE every aspect of your lifestyle, your relationships, your present, and your future, having the skills necessary to CHANGE ANY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE forever to suit your needs.

You will be happier and feel more fulfilled because you will finally BE and FEEL like a completely well-rounded and confident, joy-filled person with SKILLS to get through any situation. This channel has vlogs, video workshops, lessons, and a talk show for Aspirations Workshops, founded in 2000, started in 1985. Please click the links on this site for TONS more FREE advice. The book is on sale! You can buy from this website as an e-book, or from other book vendors in paperback.


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These workshops are created to enrich your soul with motivation and step-by-step guidance to improve your personal and professional relationships, learn better interaction skills, understand and love yourself and others, and have fun while coming into a blissful peace that lasts through the rest of your life.

Learn to:
1) Become your personal best version of yourself, more aware of your reality, with confidence and pride in who you are, and live your life with intention.

2) Integrate knowledge and skills you learn creating positive changes in your real life, starting today, so you are happier.

3) Read suggested books and do assignments, go on recommended field trips, and implement practical applications, as well as weave these techniques into your every day life and interactions with others.

Follow this workshop to make more money, have better relationships, and experience contentment with who you are. All you have to do is let this affect you profoundly and it is already proven to work for others, so it WILL work for you too! You will be happier and feel more fulfilled because you will finally BE and FEEL like a completely well rounded and confident, joy-filled person..

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These goals are reached through:

1) Unpacking each topic or issue and how you got there.
2) Address how it affects others and/or yourself.
3) Offer a constructive list of healthy behaviors.
4) Set boundaries and action planning, with follow-through and accountability.
5) Living an intentional life.

Feeling complete is not elusively somewhere over the rainbow. It starts right here and now.

Everyone always says there is no manual for life, but now there is. This textbook and the accompanying workshops teach people to broaden their mindset-perspectives and walk through the processes of evolving into a greater well-rounded person. In 1985, I started undergoing this transformation myself. This process brings others through every aspect of how to love yourself and others, to create a better future, one guided step at a time.

This approach to becoming your personal best self can be used to learn ANY life skill with a METHODICAL APPROACH that teaches behavior modification by minimizing weaknesses and maximizing strengths in each area of focus. It helps improve people in a time when our society is extremely unhealthy, particularly with regards to loving self and others while contemporary self-help literature is lacking the problem-solving behavior modification tools.

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Key Features

We study math, science, foreign languages, how to use a computer, work skills, etc in schools, and we read for personal enjoyment all the time, etc. Why don?t we have classes in schools teaching us about ourselves, and how to be a good person and have healthy relationships with healthy interpersonal dynamics, and real life skills that every person NEEDS to live a great life?

This program teaches the fundamental life skills for:
1) Inner healing, constant pride of character in choosing who you are, in every moment.
2) Outward forgiveness with unconditional acceptance.
3) Total peace forever, no matter what goes on around you.

Have good relationships with friends and family without feeling alone in their company or losing my identity. Be single without feeling like something is wrong with you. You can actually ENJOY being alone. Fill your life with things that you enjoy and do not lose yourself when you speak to other people. Have confidence in yourself, beliefs, theories and choices by going through this process of intense developmental study to become your personal best - starting immediately.

Find out how to finally live every moment in peace with nothing to destroy your bliss. Take the first step by clicking on links on this site to get as much free help as you have time for today. Change your life right now!

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Aspirations Workshops exist to positively change our society by offering free advice, insights, resources, lessons, and highly action-oriented behavior modification to help people love themselves, others, and life itself while living life in purest peace 24/7/365.

History Timeline
First teaching class 1985, website developed in 2000, first group workshop 2001, started typing the book 2004, blogs began 2007.

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